We would always prefer to carry out a survey of your site to make sure that we measure correctly as we do make your gates to order.  If you choose to measure yourself you should measure the gap between your gate posts, not the actual gate size. You do not need to make any allowances for fittings as we make all the necessary calculations for you, even if steel posts are required. All adjustable hinges and latches are supplied FREE OF CHARGE.

If you already have wooden or steel posts, brick pillars or walls, simply take the measurements between them as in the examples above, using the red lines as your start and end points. Wall Fixing Posts and Packer Posts can help solve the problem of a non-standard opening. We allow 2” (5cm) ground clearance for all heights of steel gates and railings. Therefore a gate listed as 6’ (1.83m) high will measure 5’10” (1.78m) high when delivered and 6’ (1.83m) high when hung.

For aesthetic reasons, all our 6’ wrought iron arch gates are 4’6” (1.37m) high to the start of the arch, which is made to a true radius, making the 3’ (92cm) wide gate 6’ (1.83m) high. Because all our arch gates are made to a true radius, the smaller width gates will be slightly shorter and the wider width gates will be higher.

For full details please call us on (0191) 500 23 67 for help and advice.